Liliane Gray fuck in "Liebe Mich Mach Schneller"


Name: Liebe Mich Mach Schneller

Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Piotr Stanislas

Categories: Liliane Gray fuck, 1983, Germany, German, Pierre B. Reinhard, Jennifer Haussmann, Liliane Gray, Sylvie Door, Annick Chatel, Jean-Pierre Armand, Piotr Stanislas

Actress: Jennifer Haussmann,Liliane Gray,Sylvie Door,Annick Chatel

While Michel's (Jean-Pierre Armand) wife goes to visit her mum in Marseilles, he is on his own in his small apartment. At the office, his legendary Jacqueline gives him a blowjob (she swallows the sperm). In the evening, his friend arrives with two willing chicks, Anne and Jane. They first have some lesbian sex, then Anne gives a blowjob to both men. Then JPA finds out that the uncle of his young neighbour Sandrine goes out for the weekend. He invites her up to his apartment and then there follows some lengthy scenes in which JPA first proposes to her very gently that he might teach to her what lovemaking is. She agrees. She learns to give him a blowjob. Then they go to the bedroom. He puts a towel underneath her to keep the sheets clean; teaches her how to use contraceptive balm; then they make love. Afterwards, he proposes that she stays the night over. He makes breakfast for her, and when he takes his shower, she masturbates. He comes back; she BJs him and swallows the sperm. Then he asks her if she would like to make love to a woman. Then arrives a more mature woman, and they have some lesbian licking. Afterwards she says she liked it when she put her finger in her ass. JPA then goes to sodomise her. Next we see JPA, Jennifer, the woman, Anne and Piotr together. After Anne has been sodomised by JPA, he and Piotr sandwich Jennifer. When the weekend is over, the wife of JPA comes back. Happy end.

Country: Germany

Year: 1983

Director: Pierre B. Reinhard

Language: German

Duration: 83 min

Liliane Gray fuck in "Liebe Mich Mach Schneller"

Saturday, November 5, 2016


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